Ascent Payroll By Eilisys Technologies Is One Of The Best Payroll Software Available In India

Payroll management software is used for maintaining the financial records of an employee that consists of the salaries, wages, deductions, bonus and net pay. Such kind of records must be maintained and kept by an employer as they are required legally. Payroll management software in India is required for various purposes. The general impacts that payroll management software have is that if the salaries are released late, it has an adverse impact on the morale of the employees and they may feel that their job is not stable or secure, which may lead them to underperforming and reduces the productivity. Such kind of situation also leads to quality of work getting suffered. Hence, no matter what the size of an organization may be, they must ensure that they possess the best payroll software, so that such kind of situations can be avoided. A payroll software system is a must for the organization to maintain the morale of their employees and to save taxes as well.

There are various reasons for having payroll management software in the Indian context. In the beginning, best payroll software is necessary for compliance with the legal and tax requirements and to simplify the method through which the employees are being paid. A payroll management software helps in saving time on maintaining the payrolls and considers various variable factors such as leaves, overtime and benefits. Doing all such calculations manually will take considerable amount of labor and time and a payroll management software automates all such processes and calculations. Having a payroll software system helps to automate such tasks so that employees don’t have to do it manually and repeated payroll tasks can be saved in the system so that new formats don’t need to be created again and again in a manual process.

A payroll management software maintains the data regarding the exact amount of salary that has been paid to each employee of an organization and maintains the deductions and leaves that each employee has availed. As the payroll software system is customizable, all such kind of data can be maintained easily, and one doesn’t need to refer various data sources, as all the required information is in the payroll software system itself. With the help of a payroll management software, it is ensured that employees understand the policies of the company and the audit process for the company also gets simplified. A payroll software system also is cost effective and mostly the company providing the software takes care of maintaining the system and the upgrades. This directly helps in reducing the number of employees required in maintaining the payroll and thus impacts the profitability of the company positively.

In addition, a payroll management software is secure in nature and maintains the employee data in tight security that is ensured by strict controls. This translates into specific access codes and administrative rights are provided to select few in the company to gain access to the system. On the other hand, employees can easily maintain and track the records pertaining to number of hours they have worked, leaves they have taken, bonuses and other parameters. This makes the entire system transparent and reduces the burden on payroll administrators.

Ascent payroll is one of the best payroll management software in India. Ascent payroll is one of the best payroll software and is a flagship product of Eilisys technologies. This payroll management software is flexible in nature and has features like income tax calculator, flexi reimbursements and expat grossing up tax. This ensures that Ascent payroll by Eilisys technologies is a perfect tool for fast calculation of payrolls.


Ascent payroll is a flagship product of Eilisys technologies is an excellent tool for the calculations of payrolls. Payrolls are important function in any company and the automation of this process saves both time and increases profit. Ascent payroll tool helps to increase the productivity and smoothen the payroll calculation process.

Managing Payroll Complexities with the Best Payroll Processing Software

Payroll certainly isn’t only about calculating the salaries and further crediting them to the employees. It is an entire vertical in itself dealing with a lot of intricate and interlaced operations that add to the complexities, thus making it a challenge for employers that haven’t really built the human and technical muscle power to successfully counter those complexities.

Payroll is a multi-dimensional and an impactful activity that, if managed flawlessly builds up the employee as well as stakeholder confidence, and if blocked by frequently occurring hiccups could tarnish the organization’s image in different ways. Accept it or not, that’s how critical payroll management is! It requires well-defined and complete payroll processing software that eradicates the need to spend those back-breaking late hours in the office, inspecting records and crunching numbers. That’s where Eilisys comes from! So, scroll down to explore what exactly Eilisys’s payroll processing software has to offer.

Now that you’ve realized the monetary, technical and operational challenges posed by managing payroll all by yourself, it is time you should upgrade your work processes, deploying comprehensive payroll processing software. Considering the sensitivity of payroll as indicated earlier, it becomes imperative for every professional setup to resort to a technology-empowered solution, in turn, helping you deliver accuracy and relieving you out of the time-consuming payroll operations. Here’s more to how the best payroll processing software is a prudent choice for your business.

Eilisys HCM Software | The Best Payroll Processing Companies in Pune | The Most Organized Payroll Processing Software

Payroll isn’t confined to a particular, but a multi-dimensional business process impacting different departments, and therefore, benefitting the entire concerned if supported through comprehensive payroll processing software. Different departments such as the HR, finance can leverage the benefits offered by Eilisys’s payroll process software, along with fool-proofing the statutory compliance part.

HR Department: HCM software helps the HR department to accomplish various tasks such as maintaining employee job history, processing supplementary payroll, generating various employee related reports in multiple formats like PDF, excel, processing full and final settlement with provisional form 16, managing investment declarations, salary revisions, attendance, applying a user definable formula for every deduction/ earning and much more.

Finance Department: Automating TDS calculations, digitally signed form 16, tracking loans and advances, parameter driven salary JV, income tax calculation, automating bank upload files, NEFT files into the banker’s format, integrating and configuring the company’s own dimensions for salary JV, calculating interest depending upon the EMI or equated principle, etc.

Statutory Compliance: ESIC form 6, ESIC statement and online challan, professional tax statement, PF reconciliation statement, PF and pension nomination (revised form 2), income tax ITNS 281 challan, form 16, eTDS returns 24Q, PF challan, various forms such as 3A, 6A, 12A, 5, 10, 9, ECR online return professional tax return cum challan.

One of the most preferred payroll processing software within the trade, Eilisys has been serving several reputed organizations across the country and has built a reputation as the best payroll companies in Pune and other cities of the country. Besides payroll, HCM software offers other software systems including attendance, leave, analytics, meeting room manager, visitor management, ESS, etc. Delaying the incubation of technology in your business process, would result in nothing but furthermore delays in delivering the required and eventually in loss of priceless time and revenue. Hence, as the old adage goes, the sooner, the better it is! So, get in touch with Eilisys today, and book your package of payroll processing software today!

Ascent Payroll Processing Software – Your Payroll Technology Partner

Payroll, although it deals with a lot of number crunching, using calculators and applying those complicated spreadsheet formulae, it is a people-oriented job, and therefore, requires to be accurate, prompt and most importantly, compliant towards the policy framework set by the national authorities. Out of the several payroll processing companies in Pune, one company that stands out is Eilisys. It is considered as one of the most trustworthy partners when it comes to facilitating an end-to-end payroll processing software.It is a tested and proven formula. The exhaustive and ever-growing list of its reputed clients, speaks for the company’s success in the payroll technology domain. This blog is an attempt to fathom the utility of the Eilisys’s Ascent payroll processing software. Keep exploring!

The quick-paced world requires quick service, quick computing, supplemented with accuracy, and heavy-duty performance. The human brain, with its own capacities and mileage to work and compute things, beyond a point in time requires rest. Of course, the conventional processes required a lot of brain application and computing capabilities. However, with the advent of technology that has invaded almost every human intervened aspect, things have graduated to automation. Payroll processing is one of them. With business evolving over the years, so have its rules and regulations, and the framework requiring strict adherence towards compliance, without any deviations! Payroll processing is a software process. To a certain point, especially transacting with the intricate policies, human intervention is rendered redundant (in fact, not useful), and the process requires automation and technological hand-holding to work things out in an accurate, quick and compliant fashion. The payroll processing software is a technology-oriented solution towards handling payroll processing.

The payroll processing software we are talking about belongs to Ascent, which, in turn, belongs to the parent company Eilisys. Eilisys has been in the business for over 17 years, engineering the most appropriate technological solutions for payroll processing, leave management, attendance management, analytics, expense, visitor management, meeting room manager, mobile apps, etc. Eilisys has always kept with the pace of time, and have been changing itself and augmenting the capabilities of its products over the years to cope with the dynamic needs of the industry. But, some things never change, and in case of Eilisys, it is the top quality of its products, highest levels of customer service, and yes, its endeavors to guarantee customer success and satisfaction, no matter what!

Ascent’s payroll processing software is a multi-faceted product that proves beneficial to the HR department and the finance department as well, helping both of them complying with the set of rules and regulations. The HR vertical leverages its capabilities of documenting and recording employee history, end-to-end salary management, generating comprehensive reports, full and final settlements, and many more. For the finance department, on the other hand, calculatingthe different type of taxes, loans, and advance tracking, helping create audit trails, etc. On the statutory compliance front, the payroll processing handles all the forms associated with employee payroll.

Human touch and intervention has its own incomparable value, however, when it comes to managing business processes in the modern context, employing technology becomes equally important. Ascent’s payroll processing software is a perfect example of technology working at its best to support people-oriented processes. Get in touch with the Eilisys at (+91) 20 6729 5300 and book your demo today!

Manage Employee Payroll Efficiently with Payroll Management Software

Storing the details in application

The employer requires keying in only a little bit of information.  When the manager keys in information about the wages and number of hours worked then the program does all the calculation. Whenever there is a change in tax law, the software is updated automatically. This system helps in organizing all the work of working staff. It also helps in reminding employers regarding the filing of different kind of taxes. The payroll program has many benefits. Both the managers and staff are supported by this program.

Advantages offered

  • This program includes an audit trail component. They are helpful for maintenance of security and recovery of any lost data relating to transactions. The entire activity of a customer is recorded by audit trails.
  • This program helps in the integration with other financial and accounting processes efficiently. This leads to simplification of processes and reduction of costs. The process of tracking down of loans and advances is possible.
  • Any cash advances to members are recorded by debiting to the advance to employees account. Any such advances when repaid are reflected by crediting the advance to employees account.
  • It is a general practice for the companies to give loans at concessional rates to the employees. The value of such perquisite which arises from any such loans is calculated easily with this application.
  • It helps in the computation of principal amount and the interest component of an equated monthly instalment or EMI for a specific month.
  • You do not have to worry about the tax returns of the staff. This task is done by the payroll management software.
  • It becomes very easy to do all the salary calculations. You do not have to spend many days worrying about the computation of salary of members. Since all the salary specifics and the details of attendance of workers are already stored in the application, it leads to saving of time.
  • Salary reports and attendance can be generated monthly, quarterly or annually with this tool. Gathering and searching for information is easy as everything in details is recorded in the hr management software.

Suitable for any organization

This software is appropriate for any organisation, be it big or small. In small concerns, usually, one person had to undertake the task of calculation of salaries. Now with the availability of this hr management software, they can focus on their work. They are relieved of the mundane work of having to perform tedious calculations which are now taken over by this software. People belonging to any profession such as architects, accountants, engineers can use this software.

Install today and get immediate relief

This is a great tool for the smooth running of your company. You can bring a smile to your employees face with accurate payslips. You can go ahead with the installation today and start reaping the benefits immediately. You can be relieved of that stress of having to deal with the work of payroll processing.

Save Time and Labour with the HRMS Software

Monitoring human resources is of critical concern. As the owner of your enterprise, you will realize the importance of human resources management. You will also have your focus on enhancing the productivity, and for that again, it is necessary to keep a constant check on the potential and performance of each and every employee. The question that arises next is how you handle these logistics. If you have to manually monitor these processes, you will end up wasting quite a bit of your precious time. In that event, the best option is to use a software-centric approach.


Adds to productivity

Now that you have the support and service of the hrms software, you can minimize the wastage of time. At the same time, you can get the results that you are looking for because this option seeks to maximize productivity. The objective of this software-centric procedure is to maximize outcome. You will like to know, how the processes are undertaken. Your employees are your assets, and the software classifies them as valuable assets. Secondly, it has a quantifiable procedure with which to measure the value of each and every employee.

Quantifies employees’ contribution

Based on both these aspects, it makes recommendations, and you can make use of the suggestions to optimize the skill level and performance of people working under you.  Consequently, as an owner of the enterprise, you know exactly where each and every person stands and how each is contributing to the cause of the profitability. The hrms software, in this way, gives a new direction to your organization. It is not only useful for record maintenance but also for quantifying and classifying the ability of employees.

Helps you take the right decision

You can use the hrms software to increase and accentuate the current value of your business. The software gives a precise indication regarding employees’ potential and their respective talents. So, you come to know how to channelize the resources, in a proper way. You can manage talents resourcefully with the inputs provided by the application. So, if you have an investment to make, you can crosscheck the data, and find out, if the move will turn out to be profitable, in the long run.

Minimises time wastage

Managing talents and human resources are as important as managing the payroll. The process of payroll management is ridden with complexities. If you have to manage it manually, you will have to be particular about the tax deductions, reimbursement needs and the other related modalities. It doesn’t need to be said that the manual handling is time-taking and labour intensive. You can make the process less taxing and time taking by installing payroll software. The fact that the application has a tax calculator also proves to be advantageous. You can accomplish your objective, in a jiffy, by clicking and inputting the necessary facts and figures.

Get the help of the professional team

The software-oriented approach not only minimizes the wastage of time but also makes the processes more effective, flexible and versatile than before. Even if you are not aware of the operational dynamics of these measures, you can learn the same from the customer care team. The professionally competent team not only plays an active part in the installation but also acquaints you with modes and manners of application. As a result, you come to know how to use these software applications for enhancing productivity and outcomes.

Incredible attributes that make Eilisys’s Payroll Processing Software most preferable for Businesses!

No enterprise today manages its human resource and payroll on paper! That idea sounds passé, and it is so for reasons you don’t want to count on. HR officials started doing that on computers long back and replaced the paper work with electronic data for their routine chores like attendance update, record keeping, payroll management, etc. However, it was not hard for them to realize that the job is taking away enormous amount of time, only to kill productivity and undervalue their talented resources.It is quite common today for an organization to outsource payroll processing and management, and what they by and large stress on is one smart payroll processing software which can address all of their routine and special requirements.

A large number of companies today prefer Eilisys for its world-class services and sophisticated software. Eilisys has a special knack in payroll domain and is renowned for accurate processing of payouts, perks, etc. The software they use holds a bouquet of unique features and is reasonably user-friendly. This is what separates Eilisys and its workforce management software from the rest.

Whether you are a startup, an established organization or a small business group, you just cannot negotiate on the needs of your workforce and want the best professionals for its management! This is where the significance of futuristic and smart software pitches in, and that you get exactly that from Eilisys.

You must know about some prime advantages which you draw at Eilisys and about its incredible software:

  • This distinctly versatile software takes care of variety of your payroll management requirements and fosters quicker processing of payouts.
  • Software has been designed to benefit multiple departments and has operations customized to meet specific functions such as Finance, HR, Statutory Compliances, etc.
  • It appropriately complies with the latest rulings or guidelines in terms of taxation, provident fund computation, tax statement or ESIC statement generation, etc.

Features that make Eilisys the best payroll processing software:

There are plentiful features to prove that Eilisys enables precision in payroll management and has smart options for processing salaries and other payouts. With this incredible software, you can also:

  • Obtain Form 16, digital signed by employees.
  • Have a report on loan prerequisite valuation.
  • Retrieve NEFT files or automated file shared by bank.
  • Simplify financial accounting.
  • Conveniently integrate with the prevailing ERP.
  • Set parameters to calculate income tax.

Features that facilitate Human Resource function:

Your managers in Human Resource function too have a lot to enjoy with this software. They can:

  • Maintain elaborate record of employees, together with their earlier job history.
  • Keep track of every minute employee detail such as attendance, leaves, increments, investment declarations, and everything else.
  • Compute arrears, perks and emoluments for individual employees.

In short, the assorted attributes comprised in this software make it one such workforce management software which holds international repute. Owing to the many advantages comprised in it, it is evident why Eilisys’ payroll processing software is so widely preferred by businesses.

How Payroll Software Companies in Mumbai Provide Effective Payroll Management to Different Firms


Workplaces in today’s generation have computerized assistance for almost all their key operational procedures. It is applicable for basic management functions in a company, such as keeping a record of all its finances and managing all information related to its employees and even specialized functions particular to the service that the organization provides. Among the basic management functions, payroll management is a key function. Payroll is the record of all financial information concerning the employees of the organization. The payroll software is a computer program that is responsible for managing the payroll requirements of a company.

Payroll management is important

The employees are the pillars of any organization. It is through their efforts that an organization can generate the results that are desired from it. So it is necessary to prepare and keep all records related to employees so that they are satisfied by working for your organization. A payroll management systems deal with an employee’s salary, his allowances, gross pay, deductions, net pay and others, and pay slip generation from a specific timeframe. Modern payroll software manufactured by payroll software companies in Mumbai gives you an idea of the benefit that your organization has from an employee’s efforts. The benefits of payroll software are that it helps you maintain employee calendars, employee time tracking and makes your operations cost effective. It also keeps you informed about the latest tax updates. With payroll software, you save time, ensures the security of your employee information and curtails any chances of mistakes.

Choosing payroll software

There are several options, as far as choosing payroll software is concerned. So you need to choose an ideal one from among the several payroll software companies in Mumbai for fulfilling your needs.  From that, you have to have some knowledge of what benefits you would get from an ideal software. Payroll software most importantly ensures that a company’s employees are paid accurately and on time. Its software doesn’t need you to understand the complex payroll legislations to manage the same and does all by itself. The other features of such software include managing employee information, calculating the deductions through definable formulae, managing salary revisions, investment declarations.

The Significance of Leave Management

Leave management in a company consists of the process that employees ask for some time absent from work and that the company uses to allow or refuse the leave to them based on its policies. Manual leave management procedures are often costly and would result in many errors. So it is better that you go for automated leave management systems. For that, you must choose fitting leave management software. The latest software is more equipped with features such as automated leave accruals, and useful reporting to the shareholders.

Software for leave management

There are thousands of software available for leave management, as is the case with payroll management. With leave management systems employees can properly and accurately apply leave policy and customize approval and routing based on a company’s unique business procedures. There is an evaluation of the request against balances of the requested benefit. It helps supervisors to take better leave management decisions by presenting an impact on scheduled labor. Thus combined together, both the leave management software and the payroll software provide a very convenient solution to the company’s employee management function.

Exciting Benefits of Advanced Payroll Processing Software

The management of error-free payroll system is a big task for any business owner. No matter how many employees you have in your company you just need to have a clean and accurate record of their payment and other HR related details so that you can keep yourself safe from any legal hazards in future. When you have a small business with a few numbers of people then you may manage the payment schedule and other HR matters on your own. Or else some of your employee can perform the task every month. However, when the number of employees enhances then it may not seem that easy. In such cases, the use of advanced payroll processing software becomes mandatory to track the record in a perfect manner.

Get Accurate Report

You can create an accurate report of the payroll process of your employees with the help of this software. The matter will become easier than before when you use the advanced system. No matter how efficiently you have done the job the chances of making mistakes are very high when you do the entire job manually. On the other hand, when you use the software then the rate of errors becomes nil. The software is able to offer you accurate report about the payroll process irrespective of the number of your employees. When the payment report becomes error-free then you can calculate the other transactions easily. You can understand your earning and expenditure in business accurately too.

Other HR Related Jobs

The advanced software will help you in performing the other HR related jobs as well. You can keep track of the payment of Provident Fund, Employee Insurance, Pension, Income Tax and others with the help of this advanced system. You can have the monthly record of individual employee’s payment detail. The software will calculate the leave and holidays of the employees to calculate the payment. Thus, the entire record is well maintained through the latest hr management software.

Save Your Time

The software helps you to save a significant amount of time. It keeps the daily records of the payment schedule of the employees of your company and prepares the final report at the end of the month. That means you do not need to spend several hours every month to calculate the monthly payment of your workers. You just need to install the software and let it do the entire calculation throughout the month. At the end of the month you can get the report in your hand.

Make Your Business Flawless

You can make your business flawless with the help of this software. Maintaining the payroll process of the employees is a tough matter for any business owner. When you get something helpful to manage the same then it seems much easier than before to run the business. However, it is important to have the most efficient one that has all the latest features. Otherwise, you may not get the benefits of having the software and need to face the stress even after installing the same.

4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Invest in Employee Management Software

Companies today use various kinds of software and technological solutions to make their daily business activities more efficient and easy. From the days of Tally and MS Office, companies now have moved to sophisticated software programs like payroll management. In the current business times, technological advancement is more of a necessity than a choice.

Those times are quickly fading where workforce management is done manually with lots of scope for errors and manipulation. Automation has become the norm and can revolutionize the way you do your business. Taking the stride, investing in employee management software is a brilliant technological advancement for your business.

Here are some outstanding benefits of using employee management software.

Monitor project progress and your human resource

Employee management software lets you have an insight on where and when your employees are. You can easily access an employee’s work location and work hours. With clarity on how your employees are spending their time you are in a favorable position to deal with any issue on an immediate basis. Such information also aids decisions on employee promotions and firing. Businesses with multiple job locations or a mobile workforce can immensely benefit from this built-in functionality of employee management software.

Instant access to contextual information

As a business grows it becomes difficult to keep track of all the information, particularly employee related data. Such information is critical to decision making and project planning. Employee management system effectively sorts out this problem. It makes it very easy to not just collect such regular data but also to access the information as and when needed. Any information including field employees or supervisors’ notes, project costs and work hours can be accessed at the time of resource allocation, project planning, evaluation or any other business decision making.

Flexibility to work from anywhere

With introduction of the cloud based technology, it is but natural that your workforce management system too becomes universal in that way. Such a setup lets you work from anywhere, be it your home, a different office location, or even when you are in transit. All you require is an internet connection.

Smooth intra company communication

Any good employee management system has built in functionality to facilitate prompt communication. Though communication can be done using other mediums too but employing just one program to do everything is far more convenient. HR team can quickly share employee related information and news on job openings or company events.

The system also allows for restricted access. This allows users to choose what information is to be shared with all and what can only be shared with few. So an employee would only see the information that he or she has access to. Moreover, employee management system makes it extremely simple for the employees to keep track of their leave balances and make request for time off.

How leading manufacturing organisations solved blue-collar workmen’s challenges

The Background

As per the Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) there are over 200 thousand factories registered under Factories Act 1948. These are factories employing 10 or more workers using power and those employing 20 or more workers without using power. The ASI report further states that there are more than 10 Million people who work in these factories. With India’s manufacturing competitiveness getting further push with the Make in India initiative, this sector is expected to create 90 Million domestic jobs by 2025. This creates a compelling case for HR Technology companies to focus on this sector & their HR Tech needs.

The Complex Problem

When we look at these sectors few of the typical realities are –

1. Different shift timings,

2. Distributed work force in multiple location,

3. Local or central processing of their records and

4. High operational load on HR professionals in these sectors.

Here our attempt is to look at the fundamental requirements of both employer & employees & not really talk about the higher order needs like performance management, talent management, & career progression.

The owner’s basic expectations would be:

1. Timely and accurate Time & Attendance

2. Timely & Accurate Payroll processing

3. Ensuring that all statutory – contributory compliances are taken care of

Workers basic expectations would be:

1. Timely & Accurate Time & Attendance

2. Timely & Accurate payroll processing

3. Access to their information in their local language, at their duty location during their shift hours.

And when HR / IR professionals are expected to ensure that this is done for both the employer & the employee the typical behaviour is to protect the interest of the owner and thus not giving a superior experience to the workers involved. While we know there are notable exceptions to this, the fact is those are exceptions rather than the norm.

Why Not Solve the Problem?

In our view the main reason is the complexity of the problem. Among others this can be attributed to following reasons:

a. Multiple statutory compliances as per state,

b. Multiple local languages in the country and

c. Creating accessibility of information from a central location to multiple locations

The Solution

When we looked to solve this problem we decided to look at Banking sector which has tackled this at much larger proportion and has been doing an effective job. We firmly believed, if we were to adopt those solutions from Banking sector, the users adoption would be easier & seamless. It gives users access to information conveniently & protects their interest & dignity. Among the host of options we evaluated, the top 3 notable solution consideration are:

1. Kiosk

2. Mobile App

3. SMS /Missed call based services

The Eilisys Kiosk- “Ascent –Touch

At Eilisys, we have implemented Kiosk based access to leave, attendance & payroll information to workers in companies like Alfa Laval, SKF, ACC, Ambuja Cement, Kehin Fie, Wilo Mather & Platt, GKN Sinter and many others. The workers adoption of this simple solution has been encouraging and it has really taken a lot of load away from HR/IR professionals. Some of the transactions handled by the solution are:

A. Leave balance,

B. Total OT Hours earned in the month,

C. Shift Scheduling,

D. Daily Attendance records,

E. Issuing salary slips,

F. Form 16

G. maintain & update leave cards

We are partners for companies who are changing the employee experience not only for their white collar – staff but also to their blue collar workers.

The Future

We continue to develop solutions for unique needs of our customers and seek such complex business challenges. We are currently working on other approaches to this solution mentioned above and would update you in due course of time (Which is after we have successfully implemented a few of those)

We firmly believe, the users are at the centre of creating the solution & our technology solutions should make their life easier. We help our customers create transparent, hassle free work environments thus enabling the staff to take up higher order activities.

If you want to find out more about our Kiosk Solution kindly visit

Or else write to us at